Tuesday, June 21, 2011


First off, watch this video and let me say that these pussy motherfuckers do not belong in my country.

Then read this fucking horseshit;

BROWNSVILLE - Random car and truck inspections are wrapping up at the Port of Brownsville.

The Transportation Security Administration hit the streets checking for any potential threats to the port. It's called Operation Viper.

A spokesperson says TSA is checking all private and commercial vehicles coming in and out of the port. They’re doing thorough inspections and using K9s.

We're told this is a random operation and not in response to any specific threat.

My emphasis,

Link here.

Excuse the fuck out of me?

How many times do we have to lament the demise of our Fourth Amendment rights?
That many.

An illegal search, an illegal detention and an illegal road block to do it, all funded by us with money funneled to the TSA.

Fuck that, fuck them and fuck the motherfuckers who think they can just get away with this shit.

It isn't just planes trains, ferries , subways and big trucks, which they oh, so politely begged to differ when we told them it was illegal, now it is your fucking car.
Coming out of a port.

How would anyone even remotely involved in terrorism get near a port?
They don't have an answer.

I can fucking tell you.

You can't even get NEAR a port without passing several security check points, and a FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION CARD.

Neither in, nor out.

It is a huge power grab on their part and they can lick my fucking balls if they think I am, for one fucking second, " going to take their word for it".

Can you say "POLICE STATE"?


  1. Those Testicle Squeezer ASSociation cock suckers (fondlers) need to have their asses handed to them. Fucking Nazi douchebags... They should all have the shit kicked out of them for participating in that horse shit. Scum sucking dick lickers... FUCK THEM!!!

  2. Busted. Practice runs like this have proceded almost every important breech in personal rights. And always in the name of safety. Oppressive governments throughout history learned long ago to take our freedoms an inch at a time.

    The neck-embedded ID chip can't be far in our futures.

  3. I've been to the U.S. several times, and have met many wonderful people there. But the truth is, your country is going to shit and fast.

  4. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Next the asswipes will be set up in your home towns near post offices grocery stores city parks and at all border crossings into each state, then I can't wait to get to use my high capacity, high powered blasters on their stincken fckn worthless asses. Let the fun begin.

  5. Testicle Squeezer ASSociation

    Love it! To think we've wasted a whole decade with this shit and more to come. Yeesh.

  6. cranky_yankee12:21 PM

    I'm less concerned about the TSA and more so about the idiots who think this perfectly OK, there is your REAL problem.

    Need I expound ?..............

  7. Can you say MICHAEL CHERTOFF?

    Look him up.

    You won't believe who he is.

    And he's in charge of almost everything that keeps us "safe."

    Love ya,


  8. Much scarier than this blatant violation of our basic constitutional rights is the shoulder-shrugging acquiescence of so many of the commuters. What a nation of sheeple we've become. pathetic.

    Papers, Comrad?

    In state after state you're seeing more laws written to require proof of residency based on nothing more than appearances or a funny sounding last name. Our computers are routinely searched from remote locations, our phone conversations are monitored by Carnivore programs, your library and book store purchases are monitored, and for all we know there are people checking your grocery purchases for dangerous combinations of household chemicals or pharmaceuticals. And all we do is shrug our shoulders, stand in front of 24 hour surveylance cameras at every intersection, checkout line, and place of employment, like cattle being led to slaughter.

  9. Not like cattle, friend.

  10. So, you are just now finding this out?
    This has been ongoing since bush arrived and started violating the constitution. Remember the native born(Chicago?) so called terrorist? Who was thrown into a Navy brig and left to rot there until pressue mounted to treat him like he was a native born cit-it took years, and by then he had been driven insane by the treatment the jailers gave him. I can not remember his name, but he was accused of wanting to plant dirty bombs. That was just the start. When our govt decided that it was ok to torture prisoners, we fell off a cliff, and when Obama refused to arrest those responsible, he condoned it.
    There are indeed "jack booted govt thugs"(in the words of NRA VP) but they are not from ATF&E, but from the TSA.
    "Those who surrender their rights in persuit of security deserve neither security or freedom"
    Those in power expect us to fall in line. That is the way they have been working since the early 80s. They control both parties(altho the teahaddists seem to have wandered off campus re the debt limit)"They" would of course be the oligarchs, the henchmen of the plutocracy.
    I can see it starting to gather steam all over the internet. Finally, people are starting to realize that the uber rich have taken over. They own congress-both parties, but more rethugs than democrats(so far) the courts, both states and federal, all the way up to SCOTUS. They own the executive branch, no matter who is president(note how Obama never brought the bankers who caused the crash to justice)
    We had a war, that we did not know was going on, and we lost.
    The goal of our new owners is to get rid of medicare and social security and all unions. They want to return to the unfettered capitalism of years of the 20s. Before the people rose up and imposed regulations.
    I thought we had killed off all the ways that the greed heads could bring back their rapacious way, but they wormed their way back, starting with Clinton repealing of the Glass Steagall Act when he signed the banking bill which was inserted into the bill by sen phil gramm, r tx, who then went to his reward, a vice chairmanship in UBS.
    I have been ranting about this since I first went online in 2003(before that I was working and had no time for computers)and I discovered all about what was happening by reading newspapers and magazines, back before the msm traded in their morals for simply recording whatever they were told. Still some news magazines still have some integrity, The Economist being one.

  11. When I went to Tulsa last summer to see my son, I was harrassed by the dwarf Nazi females that run the airport scanner..dude..you have no fucking idea how these backwater jerkwads enjoy the fuck outta their jobs..lemme tell ya:

    May I point out that the Tulsa Airport is manned..and womanned by Nazi agents? Oh yes..just take a walk on the wild side through their airport m’dear. They have a scanner and they know how to use it.

    If, for some reason…say three blown discs…you can’t stand in the ‘proper’ position for their scanner to peek into all of your nether regions..the short, squatty bitches will be more than happy to scream instructions at you, loud enough to hear half a block away I might add.

    Gawd forbid they get their happy asses into the scanner to show you if you aren’t able to comply. I know this because after having that fat bitch scream at me three times about assuming the proper position..I asked her if she would like to get her happy ass into the scanner w/me and show me the proper position. Evidently she wasn’t used to such responses as her face suddenly became fraught w/anger..turning three shades of red in a matter of seconds.

    LAX didn’t even have a scanner..and one would think being the home of leftwing, homosexual deviants they would have such an object..but they did not…but I digress.

    After the screaming match with the 4 foot female, a male agent came on scene and attempted to defuse the situation by saying: Either comply or we can do this the hard way. My response was terse. I don’t take screaming well, and besides I am disabled you fucking moron and can not raise my arms that far above my head. Perhaps you would like to finger me..er…pat me down?

    I almost missed my friggin plane..needless to say. ;)

    Those broads need to get laid once in awhile..but being 4feet tall and quite overweight..I don’t see that happening in their lifetimes..

    That is what our govt hires to keep us safe..does it scare you? It should, as educationally-challenged idiots like those in Tulsa have no business screening passengers for possible terrorist activities.

    I know..off topic..but still...

  12. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I might add the sheeple they used to protray in the video does not represent one fckn human I know, and their pathetic remarks as you would expect from sheeple are a shining example that their parents were given near lethal doses of thalidamide and thorazine.