Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank You

Someone went over the top and sent a very nice donation to the cause and I wanted to thank them.
You know who you are and so do I, you should be getting an email from me thanking you.

Other than that, there isn't a whole lot I can say about much of anything.
Been pissing the girl friend off, just for practice.

Ain't beern online so I have no idea of what the fuck is going on out there and for once, I could really give a shit.

It's pretty much all a dog and pony show anyway.
I should be headed towards the Weasel Den here at the end of the week only to turn right around and drive two hundred fucking miles again to get back here., maybe by then I can find something to rant about.

BTW honey, smooches, I loves ya dear.


  1. Girlfriemd? You did not get married?

  2. Late August.
    If she will still have me.

  3. Nasty Girl8:10 PM

    Of course I will still have you. I love you and always will no matter what. You just need a little beating that's all. You aint never gettin rid of me my dear. Smooch.

  4. Just get laid, have fun, and fuck this world. Ya only live once, make the most of it. Love, fun, and booze are what makes the world go 'round (and not necessarily in that order). Enjoy, ya lucky Ornery Bastard...

  5. You only Live once but you can marry multiple times as long as you divorce the other one first. I know this from firsthand experience.

    I know Nasty Girl is the right one for Busted. She don't take no shit without giving some kinda female.

  6. If a man cannot get sober just once, I would seriously doubt the future of the relationship. Busted, act nice! You know, you can ride a good horse to death.

    NG, keep him on his toes.