Friday, June 17, 2011

15 minutes of Fame and a broken nose is coming

This fucking asshole is courting danger.
Andy fucking Breitbart is lucky they didn't let him in.
I will give the fuckhead credit, he has some balls but I wouldn't give him a big chance of walking into a passel of Progressives again, uninvited and leave unharmed.

There are those of us who are not tree hugging pacifist fucking pussies.
Take my word for it.
Ya want to be a headline seeking attention whore, by all means, go for it.
Playing gotcha games the way he has been lately is going to have repercussions.

The guy is a fucking scumbag and is doing all he can to get himself some notoriety points.
Typical attention whore tactics.

Careful what you wish for asshole.
You just might get it.


  1. "Shouting could be heard from the meeting rooms, with attendees rolling their eyes over the fact that Breitbart was taking attention away from progressive issues."

    Most "progressive issues" can suck my sweaty asshole. So fuck those pricks, they're no better or worse than neocon repugnicrats. Both sides want to force feed their agenda down my throat. But I bite, so watch your fingers assholes. Fuck you, your "authority" means jack shit to me. Now excuse me while I go piss on the daisies and flip the bird to the war mongers...

  2. Hal-A-Fuckin-Lu-Ya

    I too, am no pacifist, when it has to do with my rights. If I am not hurting anyone else , it ain't nobodies bidness but mine !!

    You wanna shoot Heroin, go for it.Ain't nobodies business, your body
    Same goes for any other substance.

    You want religion ? Go for it. It's your right ! Leave me the fuck alone.

    You want a howitzer ? The 2nd is there for you.

    You want to speak alien pig latin ?
    Or any other language.
    Freedom of speech.

    You wanna spank your kids ? It's not only your right as a parent, it is your duty.

    Nuff ranting on my part.

    You the man !!
    Tell it like it is.

    Time for the Dems to grow a pair.
    Don't be displaying em in public tho. Just like your kids, nobody wants to see em but you and your significant other.

  3. My sentiments exactly. The scumbag needs a large knuckle sandwich right in the snot locker.

  4. I think there is a lot of us who are on the verge of handing out some serious pain. We have had enough of playing nice. I wish President asswipe would get a little pissed. That would be novel. As far as blackbart, he really needs an attitude adjustment.

  5. "I wouldn't give him a big chance of walking into a passel of Progressives again, uninvited and leave unharmed"

    Yeah, all you "progressive" internet tough guys are gonna beat up everyone you disagree with, cause that's so "progressive" and conservatives are just so dumb and violent... LOL- We all saw the tape. Breitbart was alone and just wanted to see for himself what spew you losers were concocting, but "a passel" of heroic 'progressives' rose up and after thirty or forty had surrounded one man, they began to berate and insult and shout at him, because that's so intelligent and fair and peaceful and 'progressive'. See, 'progressive' ideas don't need to be discussed or defended in open debate, you just out-shout and threaten and mob your opposition, the way you 'progressive' cowards did to Breitbart. LOL A 'progressive' mob cowering and flinching from a lone man, and they're calliing him coward. Embarrassing... and on video!