Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Governemt At Work

The FBI can scan your electronics and rummage through your garbage without a warrant, beacause, get this;

Charlie Savage of The New York Times writes today that the new rules aim to give agents more latitude in investigating persons or organizations for signs of criminal or terrorist activity and cut down on cumbersome record-keeping.

My bold.

And, the fucking CIA can't protect it's own website from hackers, neither can the Senate apparently and Anthony Weiners dick is still all you hear about.

These are the people tasked with our national security, who have been data mining our friends, relatives and those kooky fucking right winger militia types, let's not forget those pesky Amish either, since Stupie McFuckwit and his crew of fuck ups ignored the intelligence TELLING them, that an attack on American soil was imminint, right before the dumb cocksucker got engrossed in a grade school book called My Pet Goat.


Ten years these people have been spying on us and they are so good at what they do they get their very own website hacked.

My confidence in their abilities just hurtled leaps and bounds, right off a fucking cliff.

Ever heard of Norton fellas?


Ho Hum, just another day in our glorious new Amerika.


  1. If they don't keep records, they will never be released.

    If only they were any good at assessing foreign threats. They are so good at security they get hacked themselves. Inspires confidence.

    Everyone of those bozos should be fired

  2. Hester Prynne6:12 PM

    in Condoleeza Rice's words "Who would have ever thought that people would fly and air plane into a a building?" Who would have ever thought? etc. etc. ad nauseum.

  3. Yeah, that "cumbersome paperwork" documenting ACCOUNTABILITY can be such a drag. It's so much easier to harass people when there's no barriers or constraints. Just remember komrade, it's for your "safety"...

  4. Welcome to the republican/corporate world. The aristocracy is returning...and you, Mr. and Mrs. American, are the serfs to the slave masters!

    How many of your are under water on your homes and cannot quit your job because you will lose your health care? That is slavery!

  5. Anonymous6:08 AM

    What is your take on the status of nuclear plant in Neb.

  6. I find it ironic that the left clamor about needing more gov't help to the poor/needy, or more regulations for this or that, than whine when the gov't goes too far and becomes intrusive and than you blame the right/repubs for it.

    Than to top it all off, the left jumps all over the right when they ask for smaller gov't.

  7. Tracking "terrrrrsts" have almost nothing to do with this.

    They are tracking us (US).

    And there will be no trials.

    Because there will be no evidence.


    P.S. And I just love that W. MA man troll!

    Your blog's starting to attract a better class of spook.


  8. Smooches honey!

    It ain't like I am even trying anymore.

  9. Anon, that Nuke plant exposes some extreme lack of foresight in design.