Thursday, August 26, 2010

It Never Stops

Sitting here in a near coma, just relaxing for a bit and the fucking door bell rings.
Huh? Wha'?
Get up, everyone else is taking a nap too, go to the door just in time to see some guy go around the corner so I chased him down to see what the fuck he wanted.
Out comes the pamphlet for some fucktard republican running to replace that notorious Blue Dog cocksucker Brian Baird, who is getting out while the getting is good.
The guy goes into his schpiel, I take one look at who it is and say thanks, g'bye.
Fuck me, it's that season again.

I need to find an old mauser and set it right next to the door.
Takes care of Latter Day Saints, Girl Scouts, Magazine salesmen and political whores equally.
Just grab the barrel and lean it towards ya enough for them to get a glance of.
Works every fucking time.
Get off my fucking lawn.


  1. My Mossberg does a pretty good job.

  2. Let me tell you I hate these assholes with a passion and every time one of them knocks on my door I want to kill them. But I think I am going to go and buy me some good ¾” to 1” hemp rope and make a hangman’s noose and put it over my head and answer the door with it around my neck and in an old t-shirt and my boxer shorts, and stop them from what ever bullshit they are pushing or selling and tell them, “Hey can you help me hook this rope up to my ceiling beam I can’t reach it” Just so I can F**K with them, this way they can’t call the cops on me for getting after them with a ball bat, which I think is the way it should be. At my old house I had NO TRESSPASSING signs posted all over the place and the fools still knocked on my door. I would run them off my land yelling at the top of my voice. Total Bullshit.
    I j=know how these fool can make you feel.

  3. Dude, thanks fer stopping by Pete!

  4. Another one of the benefits of having an 1,800' two tack drive way. The census taker left a pamphlet on my door a few months ago. I called him back because I was surprised anyone would have the nerve to follow that trail back to my trailer. He did say it was spooky but he was starting to get used to it. I know the first time I went to look at the property it raised the hair on the back of my neck and I had permission to go out there.

  5. Remember though as a Republican scum peddler he's probably armed for when he runs into and is forced to defend America from UnAmericans, the non-white, non-christian, non-heteronormatives from whom he wants his country back...

    Of course, being a Republican he's never served in the military so hopefully his target practice consists of shooting at beer bottles off his huge flabby belly.

  6. During the LAST politician wanna-be door knocking tour, I made it VERY CLEAR that NO republican of ANY SORT was welcome ON MY PROPERTY, much LESS on my front porch! Fuck em, the lying thieves!

    Working up a HUGE load of scrap - mostly aluminum with a bit of ferrous to pay the gas...they pay cash for iron but mail the check for any non-ferrous metal as that is what the tweakers steal and sell.