Friday, August 20, 2010

I Am Sofa King Done

I just spent the last three days getting my shit out of the shop, after I was "laid off".
My lower back is fried, the sciatic nerve in my right leg is lit up like a neon sign.
 I ate a corn dog on Wednesday for breakfast, had three bites out of a tuna sandwich and went and fell down.
I had a half of a home made egg and  english muffin Thursday for breakfast and a Taco Supreme for dinner , drank myself into a coma and woke up at six thirty this morning.
Had another corn dog and a coke, worked my home sick ass off all day, got stuck in some serious fucked up traffic, forty minutes to go a mile and a half, got back to the shop twenty minutes after they closed, shook the hand of the guy who got my job and went to my parents.Caught a buzz, got a cell phone and got home a half hour ago.
I made a cajun rub pork cutlet for dinner and now I am going to pass the fuck out.
I have a lot of shit on my plate right now and paying seventy bucks a month to Blog might be going the fuck away soon.
Either way, thanks fer stopping by.

Right now, I am so fucking exhausted the only thing saving my ass from being incoherent is Spellcheck.


  1. If things get tougher, blog from the library. That won't cost you a dime.
    One of the things I'm worried about for you is Health Care. I hope they extended it for you.

  2. Wait a minute...the guy who got your job? I thought you were laid off? Why are they hiring someone to replace you?

  3. He already worked there, he took over my spot.
    They did hire some young kid, my uncle tells me I have an age discrimination claim.
    Fuck 'em, I didn't want that job in the first place.
    It took them two weeks to talk me into taking it in the first place.

  4. I don't give a shit Busted-not right now but down the road yor're going to be better off!

  5. Anonymous7:24 AM

    doesn't mean you can't sue them, then you can take the money and open your own place. just sayin'.
    mrs. jp

  6. If you let the bastards win by doing nothing then what is the point of having labor laws?

  7. $70 a month? Is that what those rapacious cocksuckers are charging you just for internet access? I was quoted $60. I hung up on the CS rep immediately after calling her company insane for even asking that.

  8. Nasty Girl1:21 PM

    Baby, I found you some cheaper internet. We have to talk. Smooch.

  9. Busted, I'd break it off in their ass. They did it to you. Turnabout is fair play....

  10. Ah, shit. About all I can say is "welcome to the club".

  11. Hang in there Busted Knuckles, it will get better. Now ice your back!

  12. Sue them! You don't call it a layoff if someone else is hired right after you.

    $70 for internet? My phone line is all internet costs me, less than $20 + $14.95 for DSL Lite. If I drop the home phone line I still have to have a line for the DSL,so it is still half what you are paying. Who do you use?

    There is always the library. You can write the blog in Word, writing as you please at home and copy the whole thing to your blog. That way you will have it all done and the computer time at the library will be shorter. I like the library but not the computer experience there!