Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thanks Fer Stopping By.

Being unemployed, I can't afford seventy two fucking dollars a month for internet access. That buys a lot of beer and smokes, let alone ten pounds of taters and some eggs.
It's been a good run and I thank you all for supporting me and  my rants.
I am not completely shutting the place down, if I get a chance once in a while, I will vent my spleen again.
Take care of your selves and keep kicking the man in the nuts.
It took a long time and I had a lot of help.
164 thousand hits is pretty damn good for a drunk assed trailer trash kinda guy. I need to focus on reality now.

See ya on the next big job.

Oh sure, the day I bail out, I get Friended on FaceBook by The Rude Pundit.
Jesus Fucking Christ, the irony is killing me.


  1. Hey, take care of yourself. Can you use the internet at your library? That's what I do a lot.

    Good luck, man.

  2. You were paying $72 for internet access? Something is wrong here! I pay $14.95 for DSL Ultra.I wish I could help you out with information on this. Good luck. I love this blog. Maybe you can go to a library to visit.

  3. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Hey Busted, I read your blog every night and like what you have to say. I'd like to keep reading it. AT&T has Internet for $14.95 per month with no phone line required. That's the cheapest price around. I hope you'll look into it. If not, I gues we'll all have to cope with missing an every day post from you. I guess everybody needs to focus on reality now too. It would be nice to see you keep your internet though. Thanks for writing! Cathy

  4. Busted
    You got to do what you got to do. You have my email. If I can help with something Yell. Like the others said, the library is a good place. It's free. Need help with a resume of something, no problem.
    Later My friend

  5. What Tim said but with a smooch.

  6. Me too. May the road rise with you, brother.


  7. Busted:

    Get thee to a library. Internet is free there. You can also access job boards there.

  8. I think you just may find a way to keep posting. You're too damn ornery to stop.

    Best of luck. You will succeed.

  9. Damn Cuz,you will missed!I will be watchin for ya.


  10. goddamn it! honestly, i'm really kind of heart-broken to hear this. I've been lurking your site on and off for years and I really like what you have to say. How you say it also adds to the fun.

    I hope you'll keep stopping in once in a while. We're bigger and more connected than we realize sometimes. As for myself, whenever you do return, we'll be here.

    One Love, One Struggle,
    --Reverend Manny

  11. Dude, I hope you figure something out. You know my e-mail if there's anything I can do to help.

  12. Anonymous10:09 AM

    what if you charged us a quarter every time you said Fuck?.... could be a billionaire by now.... but seriously,,, paypal donations for the website? im going to miss this otherwise...

  13. Anonymous4:58 PM

    OB, why would u need slicks? Are'u getting paid like in PPC program?

  14. I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.