Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome To My World

Sorrry, no blogging lately.
I have been rather busy.

I think yesterday was Wednesday, don't quote me on that.
I went down to the place of my former employer after I woke up in a semi coma and started in.

They were nice enough to let me borrow a one ton flat bed with a lift gate to haul my tool boxes out with.
It took four guy's to load them on the truck using a fork lift, all fine and dandy
I took them to my Dad's place and me and my seventy three year old father got to unload them.

 I swear, I thought we were both going to have a fucking heart attack.
You should all have the fun of trying to wrestle a fucking five and a foot high and six foot long tool box on wheels three fucking feet off the ground back and forth to get the fucker sideways on a goddamn lift gate that is just about the same dimension.
Then have to take it off sideways.

For you that are not familiar with these things, that one tool box weighs two fucking thousand mother fucking pounds.
I weigh a hundred and forty two now.
Thank you Nasty Girl, I have dropped twenty five pounds in the last six months.
Dad is a bit bigger but not that much, I thought were both gonna fucking die if that bastard tipped over.
That was just one.
We had to do that two more times.
I was shaking like a dog shitting peach pits.

Right the fuck after we got done, his neighbor came over and offered me a job at a foundry doing maintenance.
Nice guy, I am still debating it because I threw my back clear the fuck out wrestling the tool boxes, I have been unemployed since Monday and my right leg went to sleep three times tonight while watching a stupid assed movie.

I am seriously leaning towards having the Beast pay me to sit on my ass for a bit and then retrain me to do something else.
Basically, my body is wore the fuck out.
I had my lower back fused when I was twenty five, wrecked twenty nine cars in ten years, I can't even remember the motorcycle wrecks, heh, maybe twenty, bullshit, way more than that, I used to be a crazy motherfucker,.I just flat lost count of all the wrecks I have been in, they could make a movie about it and no one would believe it.
I am lucky to be alive but my body just can't take the stresses of wrenching any more.
Three weeks ago, I was using a four foot long pipe wrench with a six foot pipe on the end of it and jumping off the bumper of a Kenworth truck trying to tighten a fitting on a valve on the ass end of the tank on the truck.
I am fifty fucking years old now, that shit ain't conducive to having a nice nights sleep. Can you say pain?
I sure the fuck can.
So, I am leaning towards getting the fuck out of the wrenching business.
Did I mention the carpal tunnel in both hands?
Any way, I still have to go pack off a bunch of shit from my former employer, I am seriously considering either throwing a bunch of shit away or just leaving it there for them to deal with.
Right now, I am going to fall the fuck down and call it a day. at two in the morning.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Sounds like a helluva shitty day, but at least future employment opportunity is there. A lot of folks would be grateful for that.

    Lost 25 pounds in 6 months, was that due to bad cooking, or spending time doing . . . er . . . strenuous activities? :^) None of my business anyhoo.

    Get some rest sir, you earned it.

  2. I'm glad you got your stuff. I was worried about that.

    And anon is right - get some rest.

  3. I have a lot to say, for now I'll just say good luck. I hope your dad's okay.

  4. Oh, Busted!

    You've just joined a huge team.

    I'm glad to hear that you have offers though. That separates you from the herd.

    Don't do anything for a while if you can live on your unemployment long enough to heal up.

    You so deserve a break. And a great job where you will not end up with more busted knuckles.

    Only get them from doing some home improvements from now on!

    Take care of yourself and good luck!



  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Hang in, Busted. You got a bunch of folks pulling for ya.

  6. I'm sorry, BK. Looks like the both of us are at low ebb these days. On account of the confluence of several events, I'm not going to be blogging much in the immediate future, either.

    Fucking cock-shiners laying guys off when they come back from vacation. What a scummy thing to do. This is why more and more people are scared shitless of taking their vacations. They're afraid of this very same shit happening.

    In a way, this is what happened t Mrs. JP. They forced her to take a week's vacation, without pay of course, so they could go to Cape fucking Cod for a week and a half. Payday was Fridays but they made everyone wait until monday afternoon to get their checks. Then, at the end of her first week back, they cheerfuly told her she could collect. "You can survive on UI," they cheerfully told her.

    Her weekly beefits are $135 a week because the right wing shitheels who employed her were paying her minimum wage and wouldn't even let her work 40 hours a week. That translates to an average weekly gross pay of $270.

    She was a graphic designer at a busy sign shop, btw. A skilled profession that she's been in for over 18 years.

    And people wonder why I want to kill Republicans on sight.

  7. Dam. cous. That sucks ass. Let me know if you need anything.