Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Senator Ted Stevens Is Dead

It has been confirmed that he was aboard a small plane that crashed in Alaska late monday night along with eight other people, including former NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe.

Five people were intially thought to have died in the crash and rescuers have been battling inclement weather to get to the site.

by Channel 2 News staff

Monday, August 9, 2010

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Dave Dittman, a former aide and longtime family friend of former Sen. Ted Stevens, says Stevens was killed in a plane crash near Dillingham Monday night. Dittman says he received a call overnight Monday that said the former senator was dead. Nine people were on board, including former NASA Chief Sean O'Keefe. Five people were killed in the crash, but other identities were not known, nor are the conditions of the survivors.

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  1. Heard that O'Keefe is ok, and so is his son that was also on the plane. Stevens, what can I say, a lying, stealing, corrupted pol. At 86, he had a long life.

    On the other hand Busted, if ya got any vacay time left, OR money: