Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still On Vacation

I have been getting flat tore up the past few days, enjoying just laying around, going out to breakfast with
Nasty Girl and getting hammered.
Right this minute, my head is throbbing like a sick chickens ass.
I have to be back to work Monday, wouldn't ya know that we are going to have a fucking heat wave.
105 on Tuesday, yay, I can't wait.


Just lettin' ya know I am still kicking, I am just taking a break from Blogging too.


  1. brokeboater10:47 AM

    Fuck, just as I stumble on this crap hole and get hooked, you go on a pussy and booze bender, fueled by bacon. I hope there's a serious rant, as promised, brewing.

  2. Too hot to blog anyway. Find some AC and stay there.

  3. busted, was 93 here yesterday and down to 68 today. you and ng have an open invite.