Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The World As You Know It Is Coming To An End

Want proof the World Wide Economic Crisis is still in full bloom?

England is telling Scotland they are on their own.

LONDON -- Breaking up is supposed to be hard to do – but Britain's government confirmed Tuesday it would happily offer Scotland the powers it needs to sever centuries-old ties to England.

Prime Minister David Cameron's government said it would sweep away legal hurdles to allow the Scots a vote on whether their country should become independent for the first time since the 18th Century Act of Union, which united Scotland with England to create Great Britain.

The end of the British Empire, officially.

Don't hold your breath when Northern Ireland and even Wales get the same offer.

In the mean time, I see Washington D.C. wants to become the 51'st state, yet again.

Good luck with that, they can't even afford caviar in the White House every other Thursday.

If William Wallace could find enough body parts to get his hands on both of his balls, there would be a huge party in Scotland.
Apparently, I am only Double Irish because my ancestors got driven out of Scotland back in the day.

It gives me a visceral grin to see Britain have to give up skimming all the sixpense and Quid from the Scots in taxes and have to cut the cord to save their own asses because of the few greedy bastards who are in cahoots with the greedy fucking bastards on this side of the pond.

The Scots are in a tragedy financially but if they can gain independence and survive financially, there will be Hell to pay.

Hell.To Pay.

If Greece can pull it out, sure as shit, the Scots can and like I just said, there will be economic warfare coming to London such as they have not seen since the Blitzkreig of 42.


  1. London and NY have been waging economic war on the rest of the planet for the last 300 years.

  2. Ironically, it was a financial catastrophe in Scotland and the resulting insolvency of the Scottish government that led the Scottish parliament to vote for the Act of Union and disband in favor of joining the British Empire in the first place. Granted, ties between the two nations were already quite tight given they shared the same royal family and all, but the Scottish government was bankrupt and got bailed out by the English, who, however, had, err, "conditions" -- as in, "give up your sovereignty to us". Which the Scottish thought about for a while, then said "Sure, what's our sovereignty doing for us anyhow, given that we already have the same King?!"

    - Badtux the History Penguin

  3. Holy shit. Cutting 'em all loose.

    "Sorry, old man, can't afford you anymore."

    Does this mean the Queen will no longer have Highlander skirts to inspect?

  4. I got a sneakin' hunch the English send a lot more money to Scotland than they collect in taxes from there, kinda like we do to Mississippi etc.

    Can we tell the South "you're on your own"? Might help.

  5. Does this mean Ireland will finally gain her independence?

    But as you know this whole house of cards is based on debt. How are you going to slap more debt on people who don't have the cash in the first place?

  6. Demeur,


    Seems to me that this will last until Scotland gets back on its feet.

    Then the "desire" for Scotland will increase in the Halls of Parliament.

    Wish we could allow all those states that vote Rethug and pay less taxes than they collect from the U.S. taxpayers secede.

    Here comes Mississippi and Alabama!!!!

  7. Gordon, much of the south would very much like to be "on their own". Especially Texas, which is a net "giver" where taxes collected versus pork returned is concerned. And now there is a new oil boom with the Eagle Ford shale, so we'll be "giving" even more.

    Busted, all I can think of is "Irish Eyes Are Smiling". I'm sure they'd love to be truly united once again, as the IRA once fought for. At least my Irish ass thinks so...

  8. If you'd do your homework just ONCE, you'd know that England is NOT saving their ASSES, rather saving their ARSES. Man what a dimwit!
    All right you guys this is all LOL from me to knucks...

  9. If the South would leave, I think Texas should be in charge!

    I'm not sure exactly when Texas went from being considered a Western (cowboys and all) state to a Southern (bigotry and minimum wage) one, but it sure as shit did. How d'ya say "buh-bye" in Southern? Oh yeah, "adios y'all".