Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pot Calls Kettle Black

Er, wait, that didn't come out right.

Speaking of Right, the current Greek Tragedy of the Republican nomination process just took a turn I would never, ever expect to see.

After all, Newt is a master of the racist dogwhistle.

Desperate, are we?

Myself, I am a lily white fella from Irish descent and if I were to meet Newt face to face, one of us would walk away with a slight discoloration under one or both eyes.

The fact that Cain had to suck it up so far as to have to endorse this fucking scumbag only highlites the obvious fact that the Republican party makes the San Andreas fault look like a straight edge.

Face it, the Republicans have done nothing lately except shoot themselves in the foot and I am all about buying another box of rounds to help them on their way.

I don't know about Herman Cain but I still have a shred of dignity.


  1. Oh Jeezus fucking Christ Busted, the Dimocraps are just as fucked up, bunch of commie fucking bastards the lot of 'em. Back stabbing, lying, two-faced douchebag motherfuckers. So lay off the "divide and conquer" partisan fucking bullshit will ya? Yes, Repugnicunts are fascist asswipes. We get that. But maybe you might look at things through something other than Dimocrap Party issued glasses. BOTH PARTIES CAN SUCK MY BALLS. They're both USELESS, self serving fucking TOOLS. This whole God damned country is a "Greek tragedy" these days, and it's that "we vs. they" mentality that's been fostered by the cocksuckers in charge that's got us here...

    Heh, WV is "messy"

  2. Ya know, I damn well went down that road but I had to take a serious piss.

    One is two and two is...... , sorry, the wife just walked by and flashed me and I lost my train of thought...

    The Dems are just as corrupt but not quite so publicly fucking insane as the Repubs.

  3. "The Dems are just as corrupt but not quite so publicly fucking insane as the Repubs."

    Pelousy, Bwany Fwank, "income tax is voluntary" Harry Reid, Maxine Waters... I think they're equally insane, quite publicly.

  4. Busted, I'm with you. The Reps take it to a higher level.

    Having to choose between a Dem and a Rep is like trying to decide if you want to be punched in the face or kicked in the balls.

  5. I think Sixbears is right ,except we don't even have to choose. We are getting both without having to decide! Shoving their donkey and elephant dicks right up our ass!

  6. I think it is hilarious. It would really be great if Noot won the nomination and Hermie was his running mate! For comedy, you can't beat that ticket. I wonder how many women would just leave the country so they would not have to deal with Herman's sex addiction? Just sayin'