Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That Was A Complete Waste Of Electrons.

See the previous post, I fell alseep about ten minutes in.

So much for great oratory.



  1. I should have gone to bed too. I stayed up and watched Mitch Daniels. He actually made some half assed comment about the 1% paying more taxes. Oh God, are you kidding me? After all that I felt Bipolar and in need of chemical management.Happy days are here again! Sigh.

  2. It was a good speech. But the thing is, Congress will nt stop obfuscating and Barry will not stop caving in to the Rethuglicans.

    BUT....as he spoke, a SEAL team dropped out of the heavens onto a Somalian pirate camp and killed the bad guys and rescued an American and a Dane.

    America might ignore speeches, but round the globe, lol, Barry shows on the screen and douchebags are gonna shit themselves for fear of a rain of SEALs.

  3. To me, the SOTU is such non-event nowadays that I didn't even remember what day it was on. Whatever is said in them seems to have absolutely no bearing on what gets done in the coming year, any more than it has any resemblance to the actual state of the union most of us live in.

    Assuming I need to know what's in the speech, I'd rather read the transcript. It will take less time.

  4. the Republicons declared a Second Civil War 3 years ago. They will harm as many people as it takes, they will sow as much dissention and cause as much damage as possible to fulfill their One Stated Policy Goal of "making Obama a One-Term President".