Friday, April 30, 2010

Lubed Up And Ready For The Drilling

Ayep, that would be Louisi-anna.
That humongous fucking oil spill is coming ashore for some fuckin'.

It's gonna fuck up everything in sight like a whole platoon of drunken sailors on shore leave.
Fifteen hundred miles of shoreline is going to have a trail of smegma that is going to make Alaska jealous and long for the good old days after the Exxon Valdez.

210 THOUSAND gallons a day, from a mile under the ocean has already created an oil slick a HUNDRED and TWENTY miles wide, with no end in sight.

Bonus, Halliburton is now under scrutiny for the cement work that is supposed to prevent blow outs.
Yes, our old friends are still at it, fucking up around the globe.

The oil has already hit in Louisiana and is going to wind up all around the gulf eventually.
The plan to burn it off caused me to laugh until I spit beer out of my nose.
Yeah, right, light that fucker off and you would be able to see it from the moon with the naked eye.

Get a load of this, I want you all to remember these words,

BP'S Chief Executive Tony Hayward said the company would clean up the oil spill and compensate those affected.

Just how much has Exxon paid out after it's little fiasco?
What was that,20 fucking years ago?

No, this is a huge fucking catastrophe that is not just going to go away.
The fishing industry is gonna be all fucking done down there for a very long fucking time.

Marshes, wetlands, beaches, all sea life is going to die.

When the President says "it is a national concern", you can bet your ass it is fucking nasty bad.

This thing is going to fuck. us. up..

Funny how that Drill Baby Drill crowd just went silent.
Maybe they all went to Arizona looking for Wet backs.


Imagine this, remember a while back what a huge hard on this bunch had to drill in the National refuge in wayyy up northern Mooselini territory?
Just imagine what it would be like up there right now if this had happened there.

People have short memories.

There is a reason that there is a moratorium on off shore drilling around the continental United States.
This one is going to make that look like a day at the beach.


Bonus round, another one tipped over.