Monday, April 26, 2010

Nobody Expects The Oklahoma Inquisition!

Welcome back to the dark ages.

If you are a woman who lives in Oklahoma and decides to have an abortion...which is a legal may soon be REQUIRED to undergo an invasive vaginal ultrasound before it can be performed. Oh, and you'll also have to answer a metric assload of questions about your race and relationships and any other damned thing that is none of their fucking business but they are hoping might embarrass you out of it.

It seems the fine, upstanding, fundamentalist religious nutbags in Oklahoma have decided that since they can't change the law they'll just go ahead and make it such a degrading experience that you just might change your mind.

Holy fucking shit...that sounds so much to me like the sexual humiliation used against women suspected of being witches in the middle ages that it boggles my mind.

I just...I have no words for how fucking stupid this is. Did somebody finally invent a time machine and transport us all back about 500 years?

If the Governor of Oklahoma signs this into law then what's next? Using Malleus Maleficarum as a textbook in schools?