Saturday, April 10, 2010

If we bombed Afghanistan back into the stone-age how would anyone be able to tell?

Looks like Pakistan is finally getting serious about the war. It ain't no secret that the bastards set up the Taliban in Afghanistan and that important people in the Pakistani SSI and military and government have been sympathetic, if not overtly supportive.

It looks like they might be realizing that they ain't doing themselves any favors by allowing Islamic militants to operate freely inside their borders. I would have ignored the fucking border in the first place. If I'm fighting a war I ain't got time for lines drawn on a map that the enemy can hide behind. Fuck that. My boys are out there.

It's about god-damn time the Pakistanis woke up! The threat from radical Islam threatens them just as much as it threatens everybody else. The Koran or Quran or however the fuck you want to spell it is a book that contains a lot of violent passages but no more so than the Christian Bible. We aren't talking about an entire religion gone bad (if there can be any such thing as a GOOD religion)...we're talking about radicals who have hijacked a religion and are attempting to turn it to their own clearly insane ideologies.

I fucking cringed when GWB made his infamous "crusade" blunder. Holy fucking you know that one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the Middle East, specifically Syria and Jordan, is listening to story-tellers in coffee shops? It's their night out like Americans go to the movies. Know what the most popular stories are? Ding, ding, ding...THE CRUSADES. Islam was once a great empire and they blame the Christian west for taking it from them.

I don't necessarily like the fact that Obama is deleting references to radical Islam from our national security strategy but I do see some sense in it. The average man in the street in countries that are our so-called allies...Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc...doesn't simply hate us for being American, they hate us for our foreign policy which has forced them to live under repressive regimes for generations. For all our talk of spreading Democracy we sure do a piss poor job of it.

They hate us for that as much as for anything. They're jealous of the freedoms that we have and they want some too. Can you blame 'em? But no, we keep on propping up their dictatorships and turning a blind eye to bullshit like the Saudi Arabian "Morality Police" and the Taliban running around whacking women with sticks for showing an ankle in public. Our foreign policy is so fucked up that it's no wonder people like Osama-Bin-Hidin' can easily corrupt others into going along with their radical views.

Violence is never a good reaction but I think we're hated for some very valid reasons and we need to change that if we can. Unfortunately, it's gonna be VERY fucking expensive...even more expensive than all the foreign aid we dole out now. All the decades of keeping oil as cheap as possible so our politicians could stay in power in exchange for keeping their Monarchs in power is gonna come back and fuck us in the ass.

Break out your wallet and bend over. Peak oil hits in my lifetime. You think $4.00 a gallon gas is bad? In England they pay $9.00. Pretty soon there ain't gonna be no more gas because there ain't gonna be no more fucking oil, except the massive reserves that the militaries and their governments will hold for themselves. Oh, sure...we can string it along by raping the planet even more than we already have but here's a news flash: the supply is finite unless you got a few hundred million years on your hands while more gets made.

The best thing we can do for ourselves, which will also be VERY fucking expensive, is to get the hell away from our dependence on oil ASAP. I mean right fucking now...end the ridiculous war in Iraq and put that money into alternative energy research. What are we spending over there, like eleventy billion dollars a day? Yes, eleventy billion is a real number...the only bigger number is a Brazilian.

The point is that we need to extricate ourselves from this fucking mess that we've created and start coming up with ways to solve the problems rather than perpetuating them.

Pakistan is finally getting the message.