Sunday, April 18, 2010


I got my happy ass on Amazon the other day and ordered a bunch of Pogues CDs that I used to own but wore out long ago. I also went in for every Tossers disc I didn't already have and replaced a couple of Flogging Molly discs that my kid swiped from me.

Ha! I once told her she had the only dad in town whose CD collection her friends would like to raid and she said "I know and it SUCKS so I don't admit I get 'em from you."

If you like Irish music (with a punk twist) then get your hands on PURGATORY by The Tossers. Okay, okay...they're diaspora from the South Side of Chicago but they got the Irish blood in 'em and they do it just as good as the natives. They're like a more melodic Dropkick Murphys. PURGATORY fucking rocks!

And if you don't like Irish music then bite me 'cause I do. Heh...I'm still sore from the mosh pit last time me and OB saw Flogging Molly and I can't wait until they come back around.