Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We Have Target Aquisition

It's looking like McStain is the De Facto Republican nominee.
Think Progress is reporting that the Squirrel Muncher, Huckabee, is dropping out and that McStain is heading to Mafia Central to swear the oath of Omerta and get Don Stupie's blessing.
It is time my friends and compatriots, to chain George Walker Bush to John McCain in unholy matrimony until death do they part.
McCain is about to find out just how many citizens in this country have HAD ENOUGH.
His willingness to embrace the morally bankrupt Bush policies and actually RUN on the promise of continuing these batshit insane policies must be used like a pile driver to crush his candidacy into the ground.We must now prepare to counter the Mighty Wurlitzer and the whole of the main stream media who have been breathlessly waiting for this moment to unleash their propaganda at our nation in their reprehensible and irresponsible desire to sway the American voter.
I can absolutely guarantee you that this campaign just went into carpet bombing mode.

I want everyone to be extremely vigilant in watching for the media to be slipping subtle articles and blurbs here and there supporting McCain.
McCain has serious money problems and advertising costs money, tons of it.
This is really just the beginning of McCain's campaign and he already has money trouble?
Bet yer ass the media is going to help him out in every way they can, they are after all, nothing more than an extension of the Republican party and the propaganda arm that so willingly has aided and abetted the destruction of our civil rights.
You watch, the print media is just as horrible as Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck,it's just a different medium to transmit their message.
Remember what has really happened in this country under Republican rule and FIGHT BACK!


  1. Anonymous2:45 AM

    There is another good picture of McCain as a cluster fuck over at Pen and Sword:http://zenhuber.blogspot.com/
    Blogs are the only place we're gonna see facts from here on, and some of those sound just like main stream media.
    Americans need to learn to think.

  2. You know that picture of McCain hugging Bush from '04 I think (you know the one, like McCain is waiting to be burped by Bush after suckin down a full meal of Bush-milk)? I don't think that can be posted enough times on Dem commercials.

  3. Uh, dude. Subtle is not their style. Digby has a post about the shameless public leg-humpery being practised by Chris Mathews and some other sozzled flatulent pundit. It is to barf.

  4. Not much to add here. We, in Left Blogo-land get it. It is up to us to keep the msm straight and the only way we will do that is to have organized reaction teams that immediately start Truth campaigns anytime the msm tries to spread bullshit. Shit, we could make up templates of form letters demanding truth that we can just fill in the blanks and send out em masse. We can also send a few schekels to organizations like Moveon.org and Iraq Veterans Against the War. In fact KWW, of The Dishpan Chronicles has a great post up today seeking support for the upcoming Winter Soldier project by the IAVA. Stop by and see what you can do to help.
    I have linked to it at my place.

    Point is, we have to do things other than just bitch about the status quo, or all we will be left with is the status quo.