Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Cartoon

I am a huge Merrie Melodies fan.
Most of the ones I really like are pretty old at this point but I still feel a silly grin on my face when I watch them.
Late Thirties, early Forties, compare the quality of the back grounds, the attention to detail, the warm, soft colors,the music, even the shadows that are correct and often play a part in the story, to the absolute shit they crank out these days.
Almost always, they had some kind of message to their story.
Cracks me up how many times the bad guy, in this case the fox who even has a sign to make sure you know he's the villain, just happen to have two slices of bread and a bottle of ketchup in their pockets, ready for an unsuspecting morsel to make a sandwich out of.
They don't make 'em like this anymore, the time, effort and cost this eight minute
cartoon would require to create would cost millions of dollars to put out as a final product and would be considered a masterpiece using the technology they have now.
Of course, there is some serious stereotyping here, using a Mammy figure and the little chicks as ,at the time, innocent bumpkins.
I never even thought twice about such things when I watched these as a kid. The Momma chicken was a sweet, kind and lovable figure looking out for her babies. It's still that way to me.

Merrie Melodies are always special to me.


  1. i've got a classic all lined up for tonight at the lake. bring your popcorn and baseball glove and don't forget FTFY!

  2. first it seems anonymous also likes merry melodies - but his answer is a big long winded

    second - watch MM carefully - they are NOT for kids really.... the messages are subtle but intricate

  3. Those were the days when cartoons were made in America instead of Korea. I still believe we here in the good ole US of A can turn out better products than anyone anywhere-else. It's the corporate greed that has tanked our country and tarnished our glory.

    Anyway, gonna fire up a fatty and enjoy the show.

    Thanks, Knuckles!


  4. Awesome. I don't think I've ever seen that one. YouTube is great. There was a time when you had to go to the summer animation festival at the Thalia on 96th Street in NYC to see some of these old cartoons, or take Leonard Maltin's History of Animation class at the New School, where the course's "Sex, Violence, and Racism" night sold out every time. That was the night you could see this little gem that I didn't think I'd ever see again. One of Bob Clampett's best. Yes, like this one it's full of appalling racial stereotypes, but it's also irresistable.