Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If You Can Read This

Then you have survived yet another Christmas in the Bush era.
Pat yourself on the back.

Christmas to me is a giant pain in the ass. Running all over the fucking country side, going to family parties, the company party, THE MALL.......AAAAAUUUUUGH!!
I fucking HATE the mall.
Ten thousand stupid sonsabitches wandering aimlessly at the same time.Can't find a parking spot, it ALWAYS has to be raining,this year it was cold as hell just for fun.
We actually had a bit of snow on Christmas day. That is pretty rare around here,hasn't happened in over ten years.
Of course it didn't stick but it still lifted a lot of spirits for a bit.
Anyway,I got myself a used laptop after I hit two hundred and fifty bucks fartin' around gambling with pull tabs last friday night. I hit it right at closing time and for once didn't have the opportunity to throw it back in.
I'm liking that. I don't have access to the toobz at home yet,but I am going to be house sitting for my folks for two months while they traipse around SOCAL and AZ. They have wireless and I got the card and have already tested it out.
That'll give me something to do besides sitting on a bar stool,seeings how I quit drinking.
All righty then, have a great day and start looking forward to the New Year so we can put another notch in our belts and start looking forward to the end of the Bush administration and hopefully a lot of subpoenas and resignations this coming year.

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