Thursday, December 20, 2007

Your Government In Action

Senate conservatives break all-time obstructionism record.

After Senate conservatives “filibustered an omnibus budget bill” yesterday, they set “a modern-day record for blocking the most legislation during a congressional session,” according to a new report by the Campaign for America’s Future. In just the first year of the 110th Congress, conservatives have used the filibuster 62 times, topping the record set by the entire 107th Congress.
Courtesy, Think Progress.

Think Progress, Great name for a website, not so much a political strategy it seems.
The time is coming when these Repug obstructionist motherfuckers aren't going to have the stroke they have now and the volume of their screeching will go up exponentially.

Covering Bush's ass as they have so far, will soon be an exersize in self flaggelation.
Now that Trent Lott is gone, so is his official sphere of influence, that has to help.
Of course, Trent boy has his hands full of steaming hot shit right now with a huge investigation into misdeeds by his lawyer brother in law Dickie Scruggs.
To get the drift of just how much shit is headed downhill at warp speed towards 'ol Trent, you HAVE to go visit my friend Lotus over at FOLO.
She has been covering this like ants at a picnic.
Stop over and find out how high the tide is at the waste water plant that is the Scruggs case.
Tell the Flowa Busted sent ya. She's a hoot!

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