Thursday, December 06, 2007

Talk About A Good Time....

Christ all mighty, did I have one last night.
I went to a Flogging Molly concert with a buddy of mine, he turned me on to this band about six months ago.
If you EVER get a chance, go see them.
Oh hell yeah.
They are an Irish band, they play a lot of traditional instruments, fiddle, flute, mandolin, squeeze box etc, for some traditional sounding Irish drinking ballads that they write and blend the ballad style with Kick Fucking Ass Rock and Roll.
It was a smallish venue so there were no bad seats, the sound guy finally got his shit together after mauling the second opening band and the crowd was ready.
Have you ever been to a show where the audience knows every word, to every song, and sings loudly?
I could hear the crowd OVER the band several times, they have a very dedicated following.
You could tell the band was having fun and the whole thing was great,even the really drunk folks weren't too obnoxious.It was general admission and the Mosh pit got rowdy right away but ,surprise the shit outta me,they settled down and just grooved with the flow!
They are coming out with a new album, they just got back from Ireland recording it and played three songs off of it.
Go see this band, you will love it.

Oh, yeah, got the obligatory 'T' shirt too.

Check out the videos or check YouTube, It's plain old fun just to listen but the videos give you an idea of concert time.

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