Monday, December 17, 2007

Bush To Speechify Again,

I heard on the news this morning that Stupie McFuckwit is going to try and string some sentences together again this morning.
He is reportedly going to try and ease the plebians fears of the now looming recession, and then try and bully Congress, again, to pass his fucked up budget.
I do believe one follows the other there, Stupie.
You have killed our budget and hung it's still moist hide on the barn door to cure as the latest trophy in a long list of things you have Fucked Up Beyond Recognition.
Yes, Stupie will go down in history as the FUBAR President.
Never met a government program that he couldn't fuck up.
Bush is the kind of guy that could break a cast iron anvil with a rubber mallet.
What kills me is that pretty much anymore, all anyone is doing is waiting for the stupid cocksucker to get out.
Kind of like the dentist drilling away and you can feel the novacaine wearing off, all you can think of is, Hurry The Fuck Up!

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