Friday, December 21, 2007

Kristol, Krauthammer Are Out On Their Asses.

My apologies to the New York Observer for having to fix their damn headline for 'em.

Two of the worst fucking Neocons with the biggest fucking mouths and the worst records for fortune telling are Out. The. Door. at Time magazine.
The reasons for their leaving are "Unclear".

I don't care what the fucking reasons are, I have plenty of 'em. Kristol, where do I start with this pompous fucking jackass?
This guy has one of those smirks you want to slap clear around the other side of his head before he even opens his mouth.
The guy is like a methed out jackhammer when it comes to spewing right wing talking points, ya can't shut him up and ya can't hear anything else cause he's drowning it out with his ridiculous blather.
The dude has been so wrong, for so long, that he is a caricature of the Republican mouth piece.
Now if we could just have him disappear off of the Sunday Talking Head gravy train, there might be some piece and fucking quiet for a minute.

Krauthammer on the other hand, isn't quite as vociferous as Kristol, but he is just as fucking wrong and just as fucking guilty of spreading the Neocon snake oil.
He also has one of those smirks.Whats up with that shit anyway?

You would think it would be prudent to back off the smug, know it all demeanor when you have been publicly vilified repeatedly about the political chicken bone readings as these two have.
I don't even want to go into who Time has on tap after these two, it's just as bad.
Another wannabe right wing Neocon,'cept this one's balls haven't dropped yet and is still waiting for puberty so his voice will change.
I ain't worried that we are completely shut of Bloody Bill Kristol and his ilk, the Right Wing Welfare system has already placed them in cozy, well paying digs, so this latest set back is just one small bit of bandwidth that has been temporarily sanitized.

It says something though, when a main stream media conglomerate like Time boots out two highly recognized warmongers with out so much as a publicly given reason.

Merry Christmas boy's and girls.

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