Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things That Make Me Want To Kick Some People In The Nuts, Repeatedly

I'm sure you have heard about how low the Right wing fucktards were willing to go when they attacked the family of a twelve year old boy who had been in a coma and was covered by SCHIP.
It was one of the most disgusting and sickening things I had seen in recent memory.
That no good skank Malkin went so far as to cruise by their house and go to the guys workplace trying to rub the smear down past her meat flaps.
Sickening as it is, that is not the lowest they can go apparently;

Right Wing Gleefully Smears Two Yr-Old SCHIP Recipient Bethany Wilkerson

bethanyYesterday, TrueMajorityAction released an ad of 2-year old Bethany Wilkerson, who was born with a serious heart problem and received health insurance through the SCHIP program.

Heralding the arrival of a “new toddler-aged human shield,” Malkin writes that “the Wilkersons made a choice” — a seeming reference to the fact that Malkin now believes she has the license to attack the Wilkersons for their public support of SCHIP. “We need more ‘partisan bickering,’ not less,” added Malkin.

Malkin’s not alone in her rage. In a piece entitled “Meet the New Frosts, Same As the Old Frosts,” the National Review’s Mark Hemingway attacks the Wilkersons as irresponsible parents:

While the debate around the Frost family at least initially centered around their relative wealth, the issue really at hand is one of bad behavior. […]

For Dara and Brian Wilkerson, the fact that they don’t have health insurance is less about falling through the cracks than the decisions they’ve made.



I am almost at a loss for words, the ones that come to mind are very, very offensive to some people.
A two year old.
Lest we all forget about the wingers being the party of life, after you are born baby, you are on your own.
Just to highlite the stark hypocrisy here, let's focus on what the stupid bitch said, one more time;
“the Wilkersons made a choice”
Thats right, they made a choice.
What she is referring to is not some Pro Life Mumbo Jumbo, it's that they made a choice to quit a fucking job that was untenable and get one without insurance that the lady enjoys doing.
Before she was even pregnant!
Now there's a stretch even for Our Lady of the Concentration Camps.
So to recap, Malkin and her fellow bottom dwellers are smearing the family of a two year old little girl who had life saving surgery, whose mother decided to quit a job with benefits before she even knew she was pregnant.
Yeah, thats the ticket.
Listen up Malkin, you had better thank God you have never been in such a position as to worry whether or not your kid was even going to LIVE, let alone how it was going to be paid for.
I have had to delete what I am thinking three times already to keep from getting sued.
Take that to heart you useless cunt.

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