Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Failed Secretary of State

Where to begin with this woman.....
First off, she was in over her head from the gitgo.
Like most of Bush's picks for REALLY important spots.
As far as I can see, she hasn't done shit diplomatically.
I had to laugh last week when she was in Russia, (her specialty) wagging her finger in their faces.
As far as the middle east is concerned, she is basically a no show.
When Israel was bombing the shit out of Palestine and killing civilians with impunity, the bitch was nowhere to be found,out shopping for shoes, no doubt.Now that we find that Blackwater was given immunity from prosecution in the investigation of killing 17 Iraqi civilians by the State Department, we also hear where Ms. Rice is now asking Bill Clinton for advice.
The irony here explodes off the scale.
Cheney has been chomping at the bit to bomb the fuck out of Iran and Condoleesa has been under his boot heel, unable and/ or unwilling to do a fucking bit of diplomacy with them.
I think it won't be too long and we will see Ms. Rice being used as a wheel chock for the bus they have been running over people with.
She is a s useless as tits on a boar., and I don't see any burst of activity in the near future.
I would have to think the bastards have a replacement in mind and I shudder to think who this bunch of cretins has in mind.

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