Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I have hit the wall.

Outrage burnout.
It happens to the best of us.
The fact that I am usually busy as hell has not stopped me but right now I am having writers block, which should be impossible because I am not a writer!
There is no question there is still more bullshit going on than you can shake a stick at, I just don't know which one to follow.That and I really do have a great deal going on in my personal life right now.
I know what you are thinking so stop it right now.
Yes, I do have a personal life, It's what I call the giant clusterfuck that I deal with while drinking heavily after I leave the place called work.
I was going to rag on Blackwater but everyone and their retarded cousin is all over that.
Then I thought, Brittany! Of Course!
But I couldn't bring myself to jump on that low life bandwagon either, especially when I lived through my Dad getting custody of me and my brother back in 1970 when it was unheard of.
Then there was the whistle blower guy who is still sticking it to Bush over the illegal wiretap horse shit. Good on you dude, I just couldn't follow it like I wanted to.
So , what the fuck, I thought I would just ramble incoherently for a bit, call it a day, go get hammered and wait for my next inspiration.God knows there is plenty of it out there.
So if I am boring you to tears , head over to my blogroll, there are some great sites on it.
I promise to get a check up and refill the ornery tank. Who knows, I just might get vicious after someone.

I just busted the FUCK out of another knuckle! Dammit that shit hurts!
Peeled the motherfuckin' hide off from my index fingernail to my first knuckle, bleedin' like a sonafabitch. SHIT! SHIT SHIT!!


  1. You know I had to laugh when I read the update. You're gonna get old before your time doing that.

    Everybody hits a wall with this stuff. It happens more and more frequently to me these days.

    Out to have a beer. :)

  2. I am already way older than my years, by about twenty.
    Have one for me.

  3. Sorry about the damaged digit!

  4. Sometimes outrage needs to take a holiday. You'll be like new in no time, provided you're more careful with your hands ...