Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Cannibals Are Restless

Malkin, going after that two year old might not have been one of you better moves but this just kills me;

When asked about the attacks from the right for quitting a job that provided health insurance, Mrs. Wilkerson explained that she didn’t become pregnant for several years after losing her benefits and that once Bethany was born and her heart condition was discovered, it made it impossible for her to get insurance for her because of a pre-existing condition, which is a major issue for millions of Americans who CAN afford private insurance. The most ironic note of the segment? Mrs. Wilkerson is a Republican. One presumes she’s less than thrilled with her party now.

Thanks for pissing off more of you party, we are going to wipe the floor with you fuckers in 08.

Why don't you go ahead and do a smear job on Cheney's lesbian daughter and her child?
I could use a huge belly laugh, you ignorant bitch.

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