Friday, October 26, 2007

Feeling Like Shit

Lately I been feeling like something my cat hacked up.
It's hard to explain, not a headcold, chest cold, no nausea,no hershey squirts.My appetite is still good.
I get cold sweats whenever I try to do anything and dizzy as a motherfucker, I've had to grab onto shit to keep from fallin' over. Yesterday I was flat on my back, slept 18 hours and still woke up weak as a newborn kitten.
My mouth is constantly dry no matter how much liquid I get in me and I keep gettin' this weird taste in my mouth, almost metallic.Fuckin' joints all ache like a bastard too.
I also feel like my body is craving something, I even went and got a candy bar and I rarely eat sweets.
Could be a delayed detox I guess, I haven't had a drink in three weeks now.
I haven't been sober that long in fifteen years.
We'll see what happens over the weekend, what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger I hear.
In the meantime, why don't ya head over to Chucks place, he has a ton of shit goin' on all the time.
Tell him Busted sent ya.
I will hopefully be back next week, ornery as hell.

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