Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finally, Some Lying, Cheating, Worker Exploiting MotherFuckers Are Getting Their Just Desserts.

I am SO glad to see this finally.

Those rotten sonsabitches who are PERSONALLY responsible for the Upper Big Branch mine blast that killed twenty nine hard working guys who were just trying to make a living and feed and clothe their families are finally getting what they deserve, besides being thrown down that fucking mine shaft, one at a time.

(AP)  CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia mine safety officials were to release the final report on a 2010 explosion that killed 29 miners Thursday just as federal prosecutors turn up the heat on managers they say contributed to the tragedy.

There is much more, I am probably going to get threatened for stealing content from the AP but I want this spread far and wide.

Look out you fucking Banksters. This is what you have hanging over your heads.
Someone doesn't forget the fucking you handed out and are going to fuck you right back.

In the mean time, this is good news.

Previous reports — issued by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the United Mine Workers of America and an independent panel appointed by the former governor— all concluded that Virginia-based Massey Energy let explosive methane and coal dust build up in the mine, and that worn and broken cutting equipment ignited it
 My emphasis/

The release comes a day after federal prosecutors charged the mine's former superintendent with fraud and signaled they are going after other former Massey employees.

Gary May, 43, was charged with conspiracy to defraud the government, accused among other things of disabling a methane gas monitor, falsifying safety records and using code words to tip off miners underground about surprise inspections. May is the highest-ranking company official charged in the 2010 disaster, and he is apparently cooperating with prosecutors, who said the investigation is far from over.
 My Bold.

U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin said his investigation is "absolutely not" finished, but he would not comment further. Prosecutors routinely cut deals with lower-ranking figures to help them build cases against higher-ranking ones.

Duh, my bold.

Clay Mullins, who worked at Upper Big Branch and lost his brother Rex in the blast, said more people deserve to be prosecuted, including former Massey CEO Don Blankenship.

This is who needs to have his nuts slammed in a sliding jail door..
Read the whole article so you can remember this rotten fucking tiny penised   labor raping, lying  asshole who thought he was above the law, broke way too many and thought huge fines were just part of doing business, that killed TWENTY NINE WORKING MEN because of his unrepentant greed and  who suddenly retired and bailed clear out of the country to live a life of luxury soon after the facts started coming to light.

I'm sorry, it was painfully obvious at the time someone high up let that less than a man escape when it was painfully obvious as to what had been going on and just who was obviously to blame.

THAT is who needs to be dragged across broken glass by his balls in his Bermuda shorts and held without bail while they finish this investigation.

He is guilty of Premeditated murder .

29 counts.

After all this has been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I want this to go into the government and I want prosecution of those individuals in the oversight of the Mining industry to be dragged by their testicles through the same bloody glass shards for letting him get away with so many egregious violations, so many times.

Business as usual is a deadly crime and should have been stopped in it's tracks forty years ago.

Let us not forget who was in office and add that name to the docket.


  1. You have all this right Busted. And let me say that I know how the routine works with scummy companies. Take the air monitor and put in an out of the way place where there's fresh air or just turn the alarm to silent those false alarms are such a bother. Ventilator not working? Hey ya have plenty of air to breath so shut up and keep working.

  2. I've read about Blankenship. The bully di tutto bullies. He needs to be beat down big time.