Monday, May 17, 2010


And he is just as fucking stupid as ever.
Who would that be you ask?

Why my favorite idiot, Governor Bobby Jindal,(R)etarded) (LA).

I swear, this guy likes abuse.

Louisiana governor Jindal takes active role in dealing with spill.

By David A. Fahrenthold
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OVER THE GULF OF MEXICO -- Strapped into a National Guard Black Hawk, peering down at green water mottled with oil sheen, the most serious man in Louisiana is starting to sound ridiculous.

He said it, in print, so I didn't have too.
Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Dave.
Wait, it gets better.

Over the helicopter's intercom, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) is explaining to the mayor of New Orleans two of the state's efforts to keep back the oil slick. One is named for a Mexican entree. The other is named for a Cajun sausage.

The "burrito levee" and the "boudin bag" are part of a vast effort, overseen by Jindal, to hold back a slick that is already spitting tar balls onto the state's coast. He also has a plan to create more Louisiana, building new barrier islands in the oil's path.

"It makes so much sense. It's so obvious. We gotta do it," Jindal said into his headphones. His call for a major government response stands in apparent contrast to his previous calls for small government.

Oh my fucking God, this guy never ceases to amaze me with his idiocy.
Build new islands?
Build new islands.

Oh my, here we go.
For those new to this joint, I tore Jindal a new asshole last year when he did the rebuttal to the then new Presidents speech. In that rebuttal, he was whining about the money spent for monitoring volcano's. I won't go into it much, you can read my ass blistering comments on that here.
I do have to say it was one of my best posts.
Anyway, in that, I was ranting about all of the ash from the eruption of Mt.Saint Helens in 1980 that is still all over the fucking place, miles and miles of it, complete. artificial. islands of it. miles long..

That should give ya an idea of how much raw material I am talking about, 230 square miles.

So, here's the deal ya little moron.
You want new islands?They can get pretty spendy.

I will GIVE you new islands, just send a couple THOUSAND barges and the equipment and crews and you can have as many as ya want.


It will only take , oh, maybe ten years but hey, they are free!

My God, the stupid, it hurts to get down to that level of ignorance for more than a few seconds.

Where the fuck does he think he is just going to "get" some islands, Ebay?

You poor fuckers in Louisiana voted this cretin into office, you deal with his stupid ass while I slam another shot of whiskey and laugh my guts out.

What a maroon.

Bonus, today is the thirtieth anniversary of that sucker blowing it's top.
What a koinky dink.