Friday, May 28, 2010

All At The Same Time

My to-do list, for your "sucks-to-be-you" reading enjoyment:

5 waterjet fixtures for cutting the gating off of airfoil castings. They have to be made of stainless steel, hold 4 parts each, and by the way...they can't weigh more than 35 pounds apiece. Have a nice day. And apparently they're even letting the fucking janitor review the design 'cause I'm getting feedback from people I never even heard of before.

10 machining fixtures for impeller castings...5 for milling and 5 for dilling and tapping. Oh, and anywhere from 3 to 8 parts have to fit each fixture. No, we don't have models but here are some some really crappy old drawings that you can work from. Bonus: some are in English, some in Metric. Double extra special bonus: we just got an order for a whole new part family so you'll have to make them fit somewhere without a whole new fixture.

5 semi-truck front frame assembly fixtures. You know, the whole part of the big-ass truck that holds the ENGINE? We need them all done in 8-12 weeks, designed and built. Yes...all of them. Put on your personal-trainer-with-the-fake-ponytail-hat and say "You can dooooo iiiitttt!"

All of the above at the same fucking time.

And then there's the little crap like a printer assembly fixture that the guy who quit didn't finish the drawings for. And the changes to things that various people have decided they need now, even though they approved it originally.

The shit that gets sat on for a week before I find out about it is always fun. And holy crap, I almost forgot the 3 inspection fixtures that my boss stuck me with right before he went to Europe for his cousin's wedding!

At least I've still got the other guy, on the fucking phone every day trying to drum up more. Thank you very fucking little for that. How many of me do you see?

OB...dude...Sir...I gotta work this weekend but I'm taking at least ONE day off. Fuck, I was SUPPOSED to be winding down my vacation this weekend. No rest for the wicked. Call me and we'll hit some place for a beer or five or nine.