Monday, May 10, 2010

All's Quiet At The Weasel Den

My roomie moved out the other day, he is house sitting for a buddy of his who goes fishing in Alaska during the summer. Good for him, I am going to miss his drunk ass though, hell of a cook and he did dishes too.

The place is a disaster now though.
I had enough room to get past the fridge and found a tote full of cookware I got from my Grandmother a year ago.
I have shit scattered all over now, trying to sort stuff out. I did three sink loads of dishes, gave my neighbor enough different kinds of knives to open a store, along with all the coffee cups he could carry and a George Foreman grill and other crap.

Time to downsize again.

I want to keep as much of Grannies stuff as possible, that's when they made stuff to last. Some of these things are sixty five years old, at least.
I knew damn good and well I had a casserole dish with a lid, found that.Bigger than this one too.

Antique cheese grater, check, antique flour fluffer with the screen at the bottom, check, more shit than I can shake a stick at, check.
Now I have to get rid of the Made In China crap to make room for the Made In America stuff that I loved since I was a child.

I even have her old Singer sewing machine, in the cabinet.
A lot of this stuff I am holding on to because they were going to throw it away and I figure by the time I am near death, the nieces, nephews and cousins are going to wish they had a little bit of something from Great Granny.If they don't , it's their loss.
In the mean time, I am going to use the shit out of it because it is Old School, high quality stuff.

As the saying goes, they don't make it like that anymore.

That and I just love antique shit for the same damn reason.