Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sorry Joe

Valerie Plame Wilson has a film out about her ordeal after she was outed by the Bush Administration for being a CIA agent.

Before one motherfucker says one fucking word `about that subject, I will warn you that I spent a great deal of time at Firedoglake for a number of years learning so many things that went on during that time, I have forgotten some of it. Not to mention I was there for the whole Libby trial.

Treason. That is what happened and if you want to argue about it, go school yourself at MT Wheelers place, she even scooped the fucking NYT.
Anyway, back to my point, I have seen this lady in person, have talked to her and her husband on line more than once too. She is a fookin' hottie and I made no bones about it then or now. Have somma dis for proof.

Like I said, sorry Joe, I have some serious fapping to do. I have no idea who the chick with no tits is,Naomi something, don't care.
Damn, her legs are almost as nice as Nasty girls.
Shit, speakin' of fappin', now I have double duty!