Sunday, May 02, 2010

How 'bout some good news for a change?

This is from Portland, Oregon. It ain't much of an article so I'll just post the whole thing (horribly bad writing and all).

Two jail inmates who gave first aid to a stricken Oregon sheriff's deputy are being credited with help saving his life.

The Multnomah County sheriff's office said the deputy and an inmate work crew were helping a stranded motorist in the Portland area when the deputy needed medical assistance Friday afternoon.

James Parker and Michael Smith began cardiopulmonary resuscitation with assistance from a 911 dispatcher and a doctor who stopped to assist until emergency crews arrived.

The sheriff's office said the deputy is a 25-year veteran but asked that his name not be immediately released while he recovers.

Officials say quick thinking and immediate action by the inmates helped save his life.

You gotta like that....them guys could have bailed and taken their chances or just stood back and watched but instead they stayed and saved the life of the cop who was guarding them. I dunno what they were in for but if it wasn't serious (which it probably wasn't since they were on a work crew) I'd say they just paid their debt to society in one fell swoop.

Good on ya, James Parker and Michael Smith.