Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ornery Bastards New Digs

Yep, I have moved to Wordpress, finally.
This place has been good to me, I have to say.
Follow the link below to get to the brand new shiny home for my ranting and raving.

Ornery Bastard V2.0

I would like to thank everyone for their support and valued friendship while I was trying to learn the ropes.It's been a blast and I am hoping to take full advantage of the opportunities that are sure to come in the future to help get this country back on track and in trustworthy hands again.

Please update your Blogroll to reflect the change of address and I hope to see you all soon at the new place.

Although I have moved most of the old posts to the new place, I am going to leave this Blogspot right where it's at for archival purposes.


The Blogroll update should be complete now.
If you do not see your place on the new Blogroll leave me a reminder in the comments over there and I will rectify that immediately.
Anyone who wants to exchange Blogroll links, let me know there too.

Once again, THANK YOU for stopping by.


  1. Jesus Hussein Christ. Now I gotta go change my link. Heh ...

  2. *waving hanky and shouting bon voyage while the confetti streams down on those of us left on the pier*

  3. welp I better come and find you and update the Blogroll.....

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