Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Apparently Ann Coulter Is Harrassed By Aliens, Dick Cheney.

Actual headline at The Smoking Gun;

Ann Coulter Addresses Space Invaders

The bitch is getting hard up for audiences I'm thinking,but no,her PRIVATE space is being invaded it seems. WATB.

The she devil has successfully petitioned Palm Beach authorities to remove her address from county property records according to the article.

Question, how do they collect property taxes from her then?
Question 2, Is this the home she is registered to vote from?
As I recall, the skank got her narrow ass in trouble for voting at the wrong precinct last year.
Anyway, here comes the fun part,

As first reported by the Palm Beach Post, Coulter contacted police in March to report that a vulgar greeting card was left in her mailbox and, on another occasion, she heard someone screaming "Ann Coulter is a big asshole" from a vacant lot near her house. The pink and white card, which had "Go fuck yourself" printed on its face, included several denigrating handwritten statements, including, "The only things left after a nuclear war are you and cockroaches,"

Heh, heh, Dick, you shouldn't have. Next time send flowers, preferably Hemlock.

original link at Fark,

the rest of the article at The Smoking Gun.

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