Thursday, November 08, 2007

Smart Ass Or Just Smart?

I found the newest addition to the blog on the left over there at
Just An Earth Bound Misfit.
It is a kick ass site and the Lady In Charge most definitely has her head screwed on right.
I love the allusion to the Pink Floyd lyrics in the name and true to it, she likes airplanes, and handguns.
Nobody to fuck with, I assure you.
She has some great insights and I don't think she will mind me swiping the reading level sign, she swiped liberated it too!

Head on over to her site and say hello, I read it every day, now that I found it.
I added it to the Blogroll too.


  1. I didn't "steal" it, I gave attribution. :)

  2. I fixed it , sounds better, anyway. ;)