Wednesday, May 30, 2007

That Sound You Hear

Is the collective Right wing shitting all over itself.
In a sentencing briefing for Scooter Libby, our man Fitzgerald slaps Victoria Toensig right in the kisser and says for all eternity, Valerie Wilson was a covert CIA operative covered under the IIPA guidelines.
Fuck you Vickie. Facts get in the way much?
Her husband Gernstein needs to grow a set of balls and publicly apologize also.
The list from there goes on exponentially.
Sounds to me, IANAL, that Treason has been committed. As I have no doubt said a thousand times.
This is what the Libby trial was all about in the first place.
Fitz was investigating treason for the betrayal of Valerie Wilsons undercover status by no less than four administration members to the press.
Scooter lied his ass off and obstructed Fitzpatricks investigation to cover his bosses involvement in the leak.
Thats right, Cheney.
Whoo Boy, do I ever want to see this investigated until the cows come home.
Ol Scooters ass must be clinched tight, his sentencing is coming up on June 5th, I believe, and Fitz wants the book thrown at him.
Stay tuned, the wingers are all conference calling as I type, trying to come up with some new talking points and smears.
Facts need not apply.


  1. Fuckin-A, me too! And you're RIGHT about cheap tools too!

  2. Why didn't I know you had a blog?