Thursday, May 03, 2007

Abu the magnificent

That wacky Attorney General we have, Alberto Gonzolas is a never ending source of embarassment to this blogger.
The man gave an amazing display of ignorance in front of the investigative committee last week, claiming faulty memory at least sixty times.
At least two Senators called for his resignation on the spot. More calls for his departure followed soon after.
He is expected to return on May 10th and I am not holding my breath for any sudden improvement in his mental acuity.
I have read a few places that are saying that Bush will not let him go for a couple of reasons.One being that any replacement would have to go through confirmation hearings that would open the administration to legal liability.
Another reason being floated is that Bush owes Abu for saving his ass a couple of times in the past.
Neither of these really bother me. The fact that he hasn't been upfront with all of the hijinks that have gone on under his watch does. This guy, in my opinion, should be on trial for subverting the Constitution of the United States and for the politically motivated firings of 8 U.S. Attorney's, just for a start.His interpretation saying that Habeus Corpus is not inherently granted under the Constitution is one of the most dangerous things to have been done to erase our civil rights in the history of this country. That alone should be enough to impeach the fascist bastard all by itself.
Here is to the hope that Senators Waxman and Conyers can get the sonofabitch to trip up and incriminate himself so we can start the Bush regime on the long road to being bad history.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better. The best thing is, you and I aren't the only ones using the word "fascism" anymore.