Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A certain Mr. Thomas Sowell has an article up at The National Review that starts out with this line;

"That people on the political Left have a certain set of opinions, just as people do in other parts of the ideological spectrum, is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is how often the opinions of those on the left are accompanied by hostility and even hatred."

I couldn't possibly know why? Or could I ?
But wait! There is more, MUCH more;

"Particular issues can arouse passions here and there for anyone with any political views. But, for many on the left, indignation is not a sometime thing. It is a way of life."

Oh, this is going to be good.

"How often have you seen conservatives or libertarians take to the streets, shouting angry slogans? How often have conservative students on campus shouted down a visiting speaker or rioted to prevent the visitor from speaking at all?

The source of the anger of liberals, “progressives,” or radicals is by no means readily apparent. The targets of their anger have included people who are non-confrontational or even genial, such as Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

It is hard to think of a time when Karl Rove or Dick Cheney has even raised his voice, but they are hated like the devil incarnate.

There doesn’t even have to be any identifiable individual to arouse the ire of the Left. “Tax cuts for the rich” is more than a political slogan. It is incitement to anger."

Thats enough. Before I blow a gasket and throw a rod, I am going to think about why I AM so fucking angry, and why I DO hate these people like the devil incarnate.

This should take about three fucking seconds,BRB.

OK, this is going to take longer than I expected but believe me, it will be worth it.

Well now, without getting into reasons like, say, the Swiftboat vets, or The Mighty Wurlitzer that screams its lies 24/7,Just go take a look at this handy dandy little list that a nice fellow named Hugh made for us.Hugh is a very smart guy and this list should be spread far and wide across this land in bold type.

Go ahead and read it all the way through and you might begin to understand why we are so rightfully pissed off.

One Hundred Seventy four reasons to be a pissed off Left Winger,

After that Mr. Sowell, pull your head out of your ass.



  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Maybe if Sowell had to live on the kind of money most of us make, he'd have a f*cking clue about the real world. But he'd probably still be full of it.

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    1. What p j evans said.

    2. Ah, Bastard, you've been busy! But then, these are interesting times. You should send Thomas "I'm A Pantywaisted, Smelling-Salt-Sniffing Polite Freak" Sowell the link to the article, and see if he can stay conscious long enough to have a coherent response.

    3. Sorry that this is in the wrong thread, but concerning the death of Jerry Falwell, I borrow the words of a refrain from a Three Dog Night song;

    Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
    Joy to you and me.

    That's it.