Friday, May 06, 2011

Torture Apologists Should Go Directly To Jail

They should have already been there for years.

That they aren't speaks volumes to me.

Assholes like John Yoo and Alberto Gonzalez who were directly responsible for wringing  the Constitution and The Geneva Conventions into wore out dish rags should be at the head of the line.

David Addington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and Condoleeza Rice should be next.
One very special cell should be reserved for G.W.Bush, who is ultimately responsible for letting it happen in the first place, should be readied immediately.
Let us not forget Mr. Jose Rodriguez Jr, who was responsible for the destruction of the tapes made while the torture was happening, against orders by Congress to preserve them and also walked away scott free.

Jose Rodriguez Jr. was the leader of counterterrorism for the C.I.A. from 2002-2005 when Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and other Al Qaeda leaders were captured. He told Time magazine that the recent events show that President Obama should not have banned so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. (Mr. Rodriguez, you may remember, ordered the destruction of interrogation videos.)

I keep seeing these fiendish bastards in the headlines, defending the indefencible and trying to give credit to Bush for the death of Bin Ladin.
I remember what he said, and what he did back then.
Shit like "Bring It On", " Dead Or Alive", yadda yadda yadda.

Give me a fucking break, will ya?

Even The NYT slammed their positions.

No, these people are criminals and should not even been given the opportunity to continue spouting their lies in nationally syndicated news sources.
They should be having daylight pumped into their cells from a long ways away.

They have repeatedly been discredited and should have no say in what is being done to clean up the World Wide Catastrophe they left behind when they finally got their sick fucking presence thrown out of office and the full extend of that disaster started coming to light.

They should be shunned from the public discourse at the very least.


  1. jailing those bozos would be a good start. Very public trials, broadcast live on TV would help too. Won't happen, in the near term, but hopefully history won't forget.

  2. Know this, That I shall never forget
    nor forgive...

  3. Please please let me run the gallows......

  4. "They should be shunned from the public discourse at the very least."


  5. Amen.

    BTW, I've had dibs on being the hangman for years. I'm relishing the thought of a series of twelve-ropers.

  6. Well, if the fucking Corporate Media would report on important issues, like the fuckery the House GOP is trying to scam..then we wouldn't hear from these fucktards that should be Gitmo as prisoners themselves.

  7. FreedomYankee12:48 PM

    Also the A**hole O'reilly who had that talentless hack Dennis Miller on the other night cheer-leading each other about the great results of enhanced interrogation.

  8. The lies get louder as they become more and more unbelievable.

    We'll all be deaf before it stops.

    Love ya!


  9. Busted,
    Great post. If these fucktards where from anywhere else in the world, they would be dead already. Either from their own populations taking care of it or from your insipid, interferring assholes, bent on world control.
    Don't get me wrong, Canada's leaders aint no better. The people in our government would eat the corn out of your president's shit just to be included in the gang.