Monday, May 30, 2011

Attention, Washington. Oregon area Vets

It's me, the Ornery Bastard.
 I have a request.

There is a local drive for funds and kitchen appliances here in the Vancouver Washington area.
My heart goes out to the folks in the tornado destruction area and I know funds are tight.

My prayers  go out to those folks.
I don't often get off my soap box but if you are in the Pacific NorthWest, there be a bunch of our youngest and finest that could use a bit of help also.

This is something awefully cheap. some of our boys and gals just want some things like coffee creamer.

Bus tickets?
That's about a buck and a half.

Towels, kitchen appliances, microwaves, pillows and pillow cases, Really?


I don't have shit and I just donated twenty bucks.

Some of these heroes and their families are fucking homeless.

No, that is not acceptable

For the price of a fucking Pepsi, you can stand proud and help one of these families, they are families and they absolutely deserve the help a price of a Pepsi  will give them.

From what I am seeing, just a fucking bus ticket for a vet to  get across town is severely needed.
If you can help one of our own, give this gal a call;
Toni Davis,
Voluntary Service Specialist@
I am sure she would pee down her leg to find out some jerk who calls himself the Ornery Bastard sent ya.

I am not  really flush but I threw twenty bucks at 'em.

One dollar, one unused microwave,anything to help these vets and their families will go a long way.

VAMC/Vancouver Division
1601 E 4Th Plain Blvd
Vancouver  WA


Tell 'em Busted sent ya.


  1. I am so glad you helped. I help by feeding homeless animals..and taking them to the vet on my dime. Lots of homeless folks have pets and I am glad they do as I run them down and offer them petfood and they lookk at me like I am nuts...which I am but that is besides the point...right? ;)

  2. I support all vets-seeing as how I is one-but always the DAV(life member) The fact that our soldiers STILL do not make enough to live is a stain on our govt(a recent bill making its way thru the house was to give all who were in a combat zone a $100 bonus. Those never to be damned enough hypocritical rethugs voted against it, then went out and wrapped themselves in the flag once more. God they piss me off.