Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dey It Is

I asked the woman to marry me.
She didn't have anything to club me with, I looked real good first.
So, Dey it is. She thought I was kidding.
Tentavely scheduled for August 21st.

Please welcome Mrs. Ornery Bastard, Nasty Girl.

A match made in Heaven.

Smooch honey.

I'm a lucky motherfucker.


  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Congratulations. God bless you and the new Missus...

  2. Congratulations. Now, the commute to her won't be far. You had a difficult trip this last winter and I was frightened for you. Are you living in her area or will she be coming your way to live? Maybe you could quit calling her 'nasty girl' and change to something like 'sweetie pie" or 'honey'....hmmmm?

  3. OMG, I am so happy for both of you..now you can be as miserable as the rest of us after x amt of years being 'married'. ;p

    Seriously...she must be a great woman to tolerate you..although you know I adore you too..but sadly am already married (to a man that actually tolerates my bitchy ass and loves me, imagine that) or I would be stalking yo ass as I type this..or hers..LOL.

  4. Will Nasty girl occasionally write here? Do you and her agree philosophically on politics? Not that it matters as I married a center-right who is now a leftist..took me awhile to convince him as he would lock himself in the loo everytime I brought up politics. I also made him take me to Vegas for an Elvis impersonator wedding..this was 11 years ago July 31st. ;p

  5. PP, Nasty Girl was her idea, I'm sure, as much as I love her that, we will find something even more ianappropriate.
    Hopefully, she will get a little closer.

    Hugz and smooches honey.

  6. *snoopy happy dance* woohoo

    so forking happy for you two!!!

  7. Life is a bitch....
    Then ya marry one...

    I call mine "The Dragon Lady"
    Love her to death !!!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!

    : )

  9. Congratulations, you old dog!

    Marriage was the best thing that happened to me. Only wish my wife could say the same.

    Keep her well and she'll keep you well.

    When I asked my wife to marry me, she said I was insane. I agreed, but still wanted to marry her. We were only 20 years old -32 years ago.

    All the best.

  10. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Congratulations to you and my condolences to the missus, lol. I hope the two of you are really happy together. Life is too short to be alone the entire ride - teepee living can be really good with the right person.

  11. Congratulations to you, felicitations to Nasty Girl. I wish you both much joy.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  12. Anonymous8:05 AM

    now you've done it! Your cat's hair will fall out,your roof will leak and your toilet will run backwards and plug up!

  13. Congrats. Give yer porn away so you won't have to try and hide it in a mobile home. OTOH, if she likes it, it's win-win! ;)

  14. Congrats. May you have many years of happiness together.

  15. That's the only good news I've read in a long while. Congratulations to both of you and best wishes!

  16. Anonymous12:46 PM

    whoo hoo !! congrats !

    mrs. jp

  17. And another one gone,
    and another one gone.
    Another one bites the dust!

    Congrats y'all. Busted, ya lucky Ornery Bastard!

  18. Congrts..and Dahamm son!
    Hope your well

  19. Wow, what great news!

    Congrats to both!

    This is just too kewl . . .


  20. BIG congrats! I wish you both all the love and happiness the Mrs. and I have.

    Nasty Girl - Wait a year or so before you stab him. Heh ...

  21. Congratulations! (I told my daughter the Ornery Bastard was going to marry his Nasty Girl... you should have seen the look she gave me!! But she sends her congratulations as well.)

  22. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I still want to see her butt!!!!

  23. Congrats, Knuckles!

  24. Many congrats and lots of luck in the future-you are not bringing her to your trailer, are you?- From a fan, married 36 years with 4 kids and now 4 grand kids.
    Hope you make it good this time.

  25. Congratulations!

    Hope you will still have time to blog. Can't imagine not having a daily fix of Ornery Bastard.


    Congrats to you and Nasty Girl!

  27. Jeebus, I go away for a while and all Hell breaks loose.

    BK is gettin' married!

    Muchas congrats to you and Nasty Girl.

    May the Goddess bless the two of you in your union and keep you healthy, wealthy and wise.

    Well, two outta three ain't bad!

  28. Hey, that's good news. Don't fuck it up.

  29. I guess I need to check in here more often. Congratulations!

  30. An ornery liberal marrying an ornery conservative. Sounds like a match made in heaven (eye roll). I hope to God that adage about opposites attracting is true in this case.

  31. Big Congrats, Ornery and Nasty! Two passionate people - that helps keep the romance alive!

  32. Margot3:30 PM

    Wonderful news!
    Now please spend some time making a
    cookbook, will you please? You two have
    great culinary skillz. Plus you can cook.:)