Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Comedy Gold

This runs around in my mind once in a while and here it is.

That fucking weasel cracks my ass up.

Oh shit, Nasty Girl reminded me of the little Chicken Hawk...

More funny shit.
Here you thought these were for little kids.

Thanks to my friend Suzanne for keeping me young.
She pulls these things out of her hat all the time at Late Late Night at Firedoglake after ten PM..


  1. I was lookin for a reason to laugh, thanks!

    Great toons . . . love that Foghorn . . .

    ". . . more fun than a mouse in a burlesque show."

  2. foghorn is a favorite backstage too dood.

    the more i watch cartoons, the more i am convinced the annimation is for the kids and the dialog was for the grownups.


  3. Suzanne, Your right to think that. These were in a time of drive in movies and family night at the Proctors. Kids never really got the dialog. Even live TV and Film were the same. Think of the Marx brothers. Groucho played to the adults. Their motto should have been, something for everyone.

  4. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Ah say Ah say thea boy - that boy is so dumb, he thinks a pig pen is something you write with.

    Foghorn Leghorn cartoons rocks. I feel bad for kids who gotta watch that Jap Crap cartoons that passes for entertainment. No laughter after all. Jeez!

  5. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Thanks for the grins!

  6. Well, Warner Bros has a lock on the "... burlesque show," but what was the name of the episode that had that line, so I can buy or rent it on iTunes?

  7. Suzanne tells me the name of the episode is All Fowled Up.

    Apparently she is having trouble commenting but saw yours. She is a sweetheart for answering a question from a post that is 5 years old.