Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sometimes I Scare Myself

You did not want to hear that so I deleted it.
I'm sure it is still out there somewhere but I hope you can't find it.
I can be SUCH an asshole sometimes.

Have a nice day.


  1. Busted I thought it was a good post.

  2. Sometimes you scare me, too. Man, I must have missed a good post.

  3. Ain't it something when you come face to face with your inner demons? Didn't see your post, but I've surprised myself over the years by the things I could actually bring myself to do. Not that hard to cross a line. That's what separates us from the rest of God's creatures.

  4. Anonymous10:21 PM

    More of the usual drunken blather, I'm sure. Too bad I missed it.

  5. Damn right it was, you fucking anonymous cunt.

    Stop by later for more of the same.

    Phil Fucking Paul,
    Have some of that bitch

    Even I will stand up and tell you what my name is.

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Phil fucking Paul? Sounds like a couple of fags. Is that why you're so "ornery"? Tired of biting your pillow?

  7. Double Irish.

    Look it up sometime.