Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are You Serious?

What the fuck do these new wars get per gallon anyway?

Libya No-Fly Zone Could Cost Coalition Over $1 Billion If Operation Continues For Months

For that kind of money, we could kill half of the population of every fucking country in the Middle East.

Just who the fuck is in charge of this clusterfuck and I damn well want to know if they used to work for Ford.

That would explain a lot.

Jesus H Fucking Christ on a pogo stick , a BILLION dollars to kill people?

This is the new economy?

Killing people?

Ya wonder why I run my mouth,

I could be a winner.
Not like Charlie Sheen, more like some poor sonofabitch kid in Afghanistan out collecting firewood.

This eternal war shit needs to stop, yesterday.


For what?
No, seriously, I want to know why  everyone thinks it is necessary to spend that kind of money to fuck around and kill a bunch of people as they discuss this over lunch for the next year.
Fuck, kill them all now, what the hell, for a billion dollars, you could turn the entire Middle East into a parking lot with one fucking phone call. before dessert was served.
Who the fuck are you trying to kid?

The problem with that is they wouldn't have anything to do tomorrow except go home, ground the daughter again and maybe have to service the wife.
How fun is that?

This shit is out of hand, if you haven't noticed lately.

 Three fucking wars now?


Fucking insanity run amok. 

I don't recall making any tanks or munitions first hand but I see I paid for a buttload of them when I wasn't paying any attention.

If I had any say in how to torment a foreign populace, my first choice would be to drop ship every fucking Lincoln Continental built  with front wheel drive on them and let them curse the day they were born while trying to keep them on the road long enough to  make car bombs out of. them.

Either way. it's a win  win for us.

BTW, I was a certified Ford. Lincoln/Mercury tech for ten years, I know of what I speak.


  1. Blood Money. Our Tax Dollars at work; so soul-less, greedy bastards can get even richer:
    Heartbreaking, infuriating. May they all get terminal illnesses and have to spend all of their blood money on doctors.

  2. Hi Busted,

    That might be your best post ever! Word up!


  3. Four wars! Da drug war and bama is giving Central America 200 mil so more can die.

  4. I'll be shocked if this new shit-show cost less than 100 billion. And not surprised if it goes over a trillion. Your supreme leader managed to get the support of ours and others this time so they'll pull out all the stops. Already an agreement to enforce a no-fly zone has somehow justified bombing tanks, ships and compounds.
    Will we call this one 'spreading democracy' too?
    Think anyone's gonna come to the people's aid when American citizens finally want democracy?

  5. Love ya, B.

    You da man.


    This shit is out of hand

  6. cost per flying hour per aircraft
    (A10 and F15) $13,500