Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's The Economy, Stupid

Just read a cheerful little piece in the paper, it seems that foreclosures are up 93% in one year.
Thats no typo, NINETY THREE PERCENT. In one year.From July 2006 to July 2007.
Some housing bubble ya got there Stupie, it looks like the giant zit kids get right before prom night that no amount of makeup is going to hide.
179,599 in July alone. These filings include default notices,auction sale notices and bank repo's.

Speaking just for myself, I used to have two houses,used to have.
I was renting one out and trying to make the payments on the other one.
Unfortunately for me, the broad I had been living with and raising her kids didn't put a high priority on things like paying bills and I ain't worth a shit when it comes to money.
Sooo, after many instances of getting behind and scrambling to make payments, I found out my renters had completely trashed my fucking house and couldn't pay the rent.I lived quite a piece away and couldn't keep tabs on them like I should, my fault.
Anyway, after throwing their meth addled asses out and getting a GIANT 20 yard dumpster to clean up their mess( from an 800 square foot house!), I found myself behind on TWO houses.
The foreclosure notices started flying and I was scrambling, again, to make something happen.
So I had a friend who is a real estate agent and I sold my original little house for basically a loss. Then I had to pay a $300 water bill so the new owners could get the water turned on.
A short while later I sold the other house and had enough to move. Two months later me and the she devil split the sheets and I moved in with my brother and his old lady for about a year. That shit got old. I got another she devil of a girl friend and moved in with her for about 3 months. That shit didn't work out and I was basically homeless, not wanting to go back to my brothers.I lived in the back of a van for two weeks until some busybody at work found out, so my boss cashed in my two weeks of vacation early and I bought a small motor home and found a white trash motor home park to put it in, which is where I am now. Single and happy. The nice thing about that is no motherfucker can throw me out, they can tell me to move it, but that sonofabitch is MINE.
So I know first hand about this foreclosure business and a lot of people are getting the fucking of their lives right now, with more to come.
Heck of a job Bushie, I can't wait for the recession thats coming.

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