Saturday, August 04, 2007


I took a week off that I badly needed.
Overload at work and a shoulder that has been killing me for a month.
Found out I had a rib popped out right between my shoulder blades, after it popped back in.
Meanwhile, my computer decided to take a vacation too, permanently.
Best twenty bucks I had spent in a long time.
Sooooo, I have to get back to work, and I have to try and find out if the donated computer my friend gave to me works.Right now I am at my Dads using his P.O.S. , I can only hope for the best.
Strange how being off line is distressing.
Yearly Kos is going on as I type, a whole bunch of hearings have gone by, and I have been laying around reading Clive Cussler novels and getting hammered. Oh by the way, I have a cat with five kittens that I have been trying to avoid stepping on. Good times.
I would like to personally thank whoever you are that bump my site meter occasionally, I didn't think that I had any thing really relevant to say, This is mainly a way to vent my frustration at the no good sonsabitches who are ruining our country.
Thank you for stopping by, I will get back to it shortly.

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