Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Pajama Party On Capitol Hill

Harry Reid finally uncrossed his legs and discovered he actually had a set of nuts. Slightly atrophied from lack of use, they still had enough spunk in 'em to finally stand his fucking ground and call out those obstructionous jizzbucket Republicans,
The Repukes have been in total deny mode and finally admitted out loud that they were trying to block every single piece of legislation the Dems brought to vote.
Well, Harry finally had it. He basically said, You want to fillibuster? Bring it bitches.
He pulled a classic move out of his bag of tricks that allows unlimited fillibuster up to 30 hours at a time.If the Pukes don't show? Quorum roll call. Corksuckers want to play hardball, bring your sleeping bags .

Edited 7 /18 by author.
I shouldn't post when I'm pissed off, my potty mouth really shines.
My apologies to any readers who were offended.

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